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This wiki is still in its very early infancy, so if you can't find pages through the Topic Matrix; navigate to here: Index.

Also please note that the Portal Articles and link structure which is being written right now are incomplete, so just click on the Category: links below the article to navigate to the topic-relevant articles you want.

Our Mission

The Galactic Library is a Wiki resource for technical details on science fiction topics. It is inspired by Atomic Rockets, and we explicitly grant permission (above and beyond our CC-BY-SA licensing) for Atomic Rockets to port information from Galactic Library into its own architecture. Our first goal is to update information on Atomic Rockets that has become dated, and to make it easier for Atomic Rockets's maintenance team to get information that's up to date.

Over time, both resources will grow and improve and aid each other. Atomic Rockets has a different focus, and it is an absolutely wonderful resource for someone who's just getting into more technically oriented science fiction—the number of writers, engineers, and physicists who talk about how they found Atomic Rockets while in middle school or high school is proof that Atomic Rockets's approach works, and we have no intention of trying to steal that spotlight.

The Galactic Library is an opportunity to present more consistently formatted technical data, and to put it on a platform that's closer to modern Web standards. We'll have fewer snippets from classic Science Fiction to illustrate points (because Atomic Rockets does that exceptionally well, and its new maintainer is better at that feature than our team is), and we'll have smaller, more focused articles. We also expect to eventually cover topics that Atomic Rockets won't.

Contributing to Galactic Library